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Harry to launch modeling career?

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 18th, 2011

One Direction’s Harry Style could be set to launch a modelling career, according to reports.

The ‘Gotta Be You’ star is apparently set to have a meeting with the London-based FM Model Agency after meeting the company’s director earlier this week.

The 5ft 10 singer, who is well known for his curly hair, is said to have impressed the agency’s boss.

“Harry has a meeting lined up in a couple of weeks to discuss things further with the agency’s director Ash Mosley,” a source told The Sun. “Harry seemed very excited about it.”

Earlier this week, Harry was spotted having dinner with The Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, with whom he has been romantically linked in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Harry also joked on Twitter that he would consider shaving his hair off for charity after a fan posed the question on the social-networking website.



Posted by Lilzzz on
November 16th, 2011

Interviewer: Come on Harry, What happened with Caroline Flack?
Harry: She’s very nice, I do have a crush on her. If she liked me I’d love to take her out. How about McDonald’s? Apparently she’s seeing Olly Murs so I wouldn’t want to share her with Olly.

Interviewer: Okay, Snog, marry, avoid – Cher Lloyd, Caroline Flack and Tulisa Contostavlos?
Harry: Snog Cher, marry Tulisa and avoid Caroline! Caroline had really bad breath when we kissed. Could do with a Tic Tac – Tic Tac Flack, that’s what I call her. Only joking! [Laughs]
Louis: Well I’d snog Tulisa, avoid Cher and marry Caroline – And Harry will be best man!

Interviewer: Have you ever given a girl a fake number?
Harry: Peaches Geldof! She must hate me. If she’s reading this, say hello next time and I might give you the right number! [Laughs]

Interviewer: How would a girl put you off?
Liam: Too much fake tan. Orange hand, no one likes orange hands.
Harry: Spitting in my face is a definite turn off!

Interviewer: How do you tell a girl you’re not interested?
Harry: I told someone I was gay once.
Zayn: You’ve got to be careful so you don’t come across arrogant. Say you don’t want to ruin the friendship or whatever. If you’re not interested there’s no point leading someone on.

Interviewer: What’s the worst way someones broken up with you?
Zayn: I’ve been text dumped before. I was seeing them for a couple of months. I got over it [Laughs]

Interviewer: When was the last time any of you were heartbroken?
Zayn: I was about four months ago when my relationship ended with Becks [Rebecca Ferguson] Even though it was a mutual decision, when you have a proper heartache like that, I don’t think you fully get over it. We’re still friends and talk all the time. The best thing you can do when these things happen is remember that everything happens for a reason. I haven’t been on many dates since.

Interviewer: Did you feel ready to be a stepfather to her children at your age?
Zayn: It really wasn’t like that. Her kids have their own dad. I’m not ready to be a parent.
OH so you told them the truth then , Harold?. I’m proud of you!. I wish you would just make it even more official than just twitter… and so Louis.

Interviewer: Have any of you ever had a pregnancy scare?
Harry: The first time I had sex I was scared I got the girl pregnant – that was despite the fact we were safe. Luckily we were fine.
Louis: Even though I love kids, the thought of having a child now is pretty scary. It’s one of my worst fears. I’m not against teenage pregnancies – my mum had me at 19 – but I’m not ready. My mum would kill me if I got a girl pregnant now,

Interviewer: As teenage role models, is it important to regularly get regular health checks?
Louis: Some people feel embarrassed to go to the clinic and get checked but I think it’s essential for every young person. We have and we’re all-clear and healthy! I remember we had people come to my school once to check everyone and I think that was such a good idea. It helps people get over the whole embarrassment stage. In my opinion, kids at school should always have regular checks.

Interviewer: What’s the most rock star thing you’ve done so far?
Zayn: I paid over a grand once for a night at a hotel. We ordered loads of stuff at one room.
Louis: I was walking down the street with my mate Stan and he said: ‘What do you want to do?’ As a joke I said let’s go to Ibiza, so we went and booked out flights and went for the day. We partied all night and then came back.

Interviewer: What’s the craziest thing a fan has done?
Harry: We had a sanitary towel stuck to our window. She was trying to get our attention and it worked because we’re still talking about it now.
Zayn: It was disgusting. No one had beat that yet.

Interviewer: where would you draw the line when it comes to endorsements?
Louis: I wouldn’t like to endorse condoms because of the jokes that would be made. [Puts on voice] ‘Are you even old enough to have sex?’
Zayn: You know what? If it suits you then do it. We wouldn’t do anything that felt forced.

Interviewer: Wouldn’t you like seeing your face on a pack of condoms?
Zayn: It could be a bit embarrassing if someone gave you your own condoms, but it’s good for us to endorse safe sex.
Louis: I wouldn’t want my face going on a condom! It’s always a good idea to carry one, though, because things can easily happen in the heat of the moment/
Harry: To get lazy and say you’ll be fine is selfish. I’d never risk not wearing a condom – it’s too much of a risk. You can say it’ll never happen to you but I bet most people it happens to say that. Is you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it.

Interviewer: Were any of you bullied at school?
Liam: I was. I went and told my parents and my teachers, but it didn’t stop so I had to sort it out myself. It was verbal, not violent, but I used to get quite upset. I was in year eight and they were sixth-formers. Basically I needed an older brother but I didn’t have one. So I got this guy I know, who was in his early twenties to pretend to be my big brother and pick me up from school. When they saw him they quickly stopped. They never picked on me again!

Interviewer: Have any of you ever been rushed to hospital?
Harry: Yes, I was really ill and I kept being sick just before I went on The X Factor. I remember I kept throwing up and then I got really bad and I started coughing up blood so my parents took me to the hospital. Obviously they discharged me but to this day i don’t know what it was.

Interviewer: When was the last time any of you had a row?
Louis: It was when I went out in Luton with my best friend Stan. Some guy wanted a photo and Stan was stood between us and he was rude to Stan. He yelled at him to get out of the way, saying ‘Let me have my f***ing picture please’ So I just said ‘Can you be more polite? There’s nothing annoys me more than people being horrible to my mates. I let him have a picture but just told him to be more polite.

Harry would consider shaving his hair off

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 15th, 2011

One Direction’s Harry Styles has admitted that he would consider shaving his hair off for a good cause.

The ‘Gotta Be You’ star’s famous locks have become his trademark since the band first appeared on The X Factor last year.

In a Q&A session with fans on his Twitter page, Harry was asked by one follower whether he would ever shave all his hair off.

He replied: “Maybe for charity…but not any time soon. I look funny bald.”

Harry also revealed during the discussion that he enjoyed the band’s return to the reality TV show over the weekend.

“Loved it..felt amazing to go back where we started,” he told one fan.

The group performed their new single ‘Gotta Be You’, which is taken from their soon-to-be-released debut album ‘Up All Night’.


“This studio is seriously like home for us”

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 15th, 2011

One Direction returned to The X Factor last night (13th November) to perform their new single on the show that launched their careers.

The boy band took to the stage for a performance of second single ‘Gotta Be You’ and told host Dermot O’Leary afterward it had felt like coming home.

“This studio is seriously like home for us and it felt amazing to be back today,” Harry Styles said following the band’s performance.

When Dermot asked the boys who they were tipping for an The X Factor win this year they all named girl band Little Mix as their favourite act.

One Direction finished third on the 2010 series of The X Factor and debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ reached number one on the UK Singles Chart this September.

The band are due to perform on this year’s Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball day two line-up alongside acts including Jessie J, JLS and The Saturdays.

One Direction’s ‘Gotta Be You’ was released yesterday (13th November) and they will release debut album ‘Up All Night’ on 18th November.


JLS Planning New 1D Collaboration

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 14th, 2011

JLS have revealed that they are planning to record with One Direction.

The two bands recently teamed up on the charity single for this year’s The X Factor, which is a cover of the Rose Royce 1978 hit ‘Wishing On A Star’.

And Aston Merrygold told Capital FM Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes that the collaboration won’t be the last time they work together.

“It won’t be the last time. We’ve got a couple of ideas, we’ve been in the studio for the past couple of weeks because album four is underway,” he said.

“We just can’t stop writing at the minute, so we’re going to have a little conversation with the boys and we’ve got some ideas to happen.”

Oritse Williams added: “Can you imagine the fans? It’s going to be crazy. I think every girl in the country will be there.”

Last week, One Direction said they were excited to be working with JLS and this year’s X Factor contestants on the charity single.

You can listen to JLS talking about their collaboration with One Direction here.


Louis “prefer boobs that aren’t too big”

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 14th, 2011

Louis Tomlinson has revealed what he looks for in his perfect girl.

‘A good smile,’ says the 19-year-old.

‘Though, to be honest, a good personality is more important. Good banter and someone who’s witty.’

But when it comes to physical qualities, One Direction star Louis can’t quite choose between legs, boobs or bum.

‘I like all 3, although a nice bum is wicked,’ says Louis, 19, ‘and I prefer boobs that aren’t too big.’


“Lady Gaga Inspires Us”

Posted by Lilzzz on
November 14th, 2011

One Direction say Lady Gaga has inspired them to work even harder to earn chart success, after both acts performed on The X Factor results show last night (14th November).

The former X Factor stars returned to the show on Sunday for a performance of their new single ‘Gotta Be You’, and admit that singing on the same stage as Gaga was an important moment for the band.

“We are stepping it up for Lady Gaga as she always puts in an incredible performance,” Harry Styles told The Star. “That’s the level you have to be at.

“Especially going back to X Factor we felt we had to show everyone what we could do a year on.”

The boys said they were hoping to talk with the ‘Born This Way’ singer after the show after working with Gaga’s producer RedOne on their debut album.

“RedOne will be a talking point,” Harry explained. “He’s told us what she’s like to work with, how professional and hard working she is.”

Harry added: “And more importantly, that she’s a really nice girl.”

The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singers joined fellow boy band JLS as well as this year’s crop of X Factor contestants last week to film the video for their charity cover of Rose Royce’s ‘Wishing On A Star ‘.

One Direction are due to perform on the second day line-up of this year’s Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball on 4th December alongside Jessie J, JLS, The Saturdays, Emeli Sande and Wretch 32.

‘Gotta Be You’ was released yesterday (13th November) and debut album ‘Up All Night’ will follow on 18th November.


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